Nice Pool photos

A few nice pool images I found:

Secret pool in desert oasis

Image by CharlesFred
I have been to this secret oasis in the mountains a couple of times in the past year or two, where sweet cold fresh water runs along these channels/falaj to water the fruit trees and crops. However, this time, they have widened the channel to create this magnificant pool among the date palms with views down the valley. Totally magical.

Slipping into the Pool

Image by Stuck in Customs
Slipping into the Pool
This vast indoor pool at Hearst Castle is just about perfect. The only thing that would have been more perfect is if I was actually inside of it! If I wasn’t such an honorable guy, I would have stripped down and jumped in for a bit. It would have taken at least 15 minutes for security to get me out of there. But it would have been a sweet sweet 15 minutes. I could just say that I lost my mind for a bit…

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